It’s a very horrifying event seeing the lifeless body of 19 year old female in a sugar plantation, and it’s another hit knowing that she died because of a broken neck.

Just 500 meters away from home in Bacolod City, Melcah Melgar’s body was found and her head (skull) was forcefully pulled away from her body that it wasn’t attach to her spinal column anymore.

The heartbreaking part was many have seen the actual events before the untimely death of the girl. The scene started when on her way to school a man riding a motorcycle invited Melcah to ride with him going to school. She insisted no, her friends even teased the teenager.

After the class her classmates didn’t expect that it would be the last time that they’ll see their friend.

Many witnesses have heard the argument of a man and Melcah in the sugarcane plantation, almost three witnesses have shared their observations. But it was too late for a life that was gone too soon.

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