A lot has been affected by the ongoing counts of the Philippine election, however the drama didn’t even start there. It started back during the campaign period. People have lots of words to say to the candidates one of the most famous candidate to be talked about in the media and on social media was Rodrigo Duterte an aspirant of the presidential seat.


Eliquim Labang, an international pastry chef, made a very vulgar statement to the public. He made a promise that he will give P5-million worth of cakes if Duterte wins. He accused Duterte of being a liar after running for the presidency when at first he told he has no intentions of running.


Ironically, Duterte is leading the race and can be declared as the president any time now. Since the media remembered what he promised, the pastry shop where he works posted the schedule of shedding out these cakes.

cake 3

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