What’s the worst thing that can happen to you in a perfectly planned day?

For one woman, it’s dropping her phone in the sea. What can get worse, at this present time, your phone can mean everything. It’s your life, and the hope of finding it may be little, and what’s more heartbreaking is finding it and knowing that it’s not functioning anymore.


A 47 year old woman named Stacy Starre has given up finding her iPhone. She was just walking her dog at the beach when suddenly she dropped her phone and the waves started claiming it. It was gone in an instant.

However, luckily, a stranger who happened to be there at the same spot found the GPS signal of the phone which indicates its current location to be near the English Channel in Gorey Beach.

Two weeks after the actual incident, they found the phone. The greatest twist of the story is that it worked perfectly fine, even after it was discovered 15 inches under the sand.

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