A day at the beach as some may call it, but what happens if you’re friends accidentally bury you alive. Yes, I guess everyone will panic, and people won’t be in their right state of mind.

This is what happened when children who were playing at the beach in California accidentally buried one of their friends while they were playing. Accidentally, the sand hole collapsed and one of their friends got stuck under it. Never did it cross the minds of the children to ask help from the adults in the area.

The boys of age 3, went crazy digging for their friend, but with their small structure they just can’t lift their friend out of the hell they’ve created.

Luckily, two tourists saw the parents of the child and then heard about the missing boy. Immediately, they went to search for the kid and saw the group of kids digging the hole, instantly they knew that they might have the clue to where the boy is, so they helped.

They got the boy, but it was too late the boy was pale blue, luckily CPR worked on the boy and is now safe and recovering quickly.

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