Globalization has allowed people to connect and share experiences. It has paved the way for cultures to interact and form hybrids. More often than not, people have become less ethnocentric and more open to immersing themselves in different settings. Needless to mention, the introduction of local goods into the global community has become means for every adventurous palate to indulge further. Still, there are exotic food that only the brave could stomach. The famous balut is on top of the list.

Balut is a duck embryo boiled in its shell. The good thing about it is it looks like a hardboiled egg. Inside it though, lies the exotic delicacy—that is the fertilized egg. Balut is a popular drunk food in Southeast Asian countries like the Philippines. It is usually sold by street peddlers and it best served warm.

Eating it is not as tricky as it may seem. The first step is to crack a small hole and drink the broth, then remove the shell to consume the rest of the balut. Swallowing may be a challenge for others.

Watch as these Americans try eating balut for the first time. The best reaction goes to the spunky lady in black who said, “I don’t even like hardboiled eggs, I don’t know why I’m here.”

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