Last March 13, at a fun run (Unilab Active Health Run United 1) race officials were caught off guard.

Suddenly, a stranger, a beggar was caught running with the participants, so they tried taking an action before anything else happens.

Little did they know that the “beggar” was actually a participant of the said race.


The beggar was not really a beggar instead he is a duathlete named Larry Ronquillo, he ran the race to raise an issue, an advocacy.

The idea was runners forgot to know their responsibilities while running, specifically keeping the area clean. One of the biggest problems after a race is the trash that is left, plastic cups constitute the majority of it.

This is why Larry dressed up as a beggar. He picked the cups that have been thrown on the roads, this was his main goal and not winning the race.

Runner for a cause, that’s what Larry is!

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