This was a matter of life and death, but being there at the right time is something only fate can do.

Mikko Manalastas, was just a passer by. A passerby who happened to pass the boards and got his medical license a week ago. He was there exactly at the moment when a mother was about to give birth to her child.

Without second thoughts, he immediately rushed to where the pregnant woman was. Then he started asking about AOG and OB score. After a few minutes, the husband of the woman and Mikko went to the car and as they were on their way to the hospital. Mikko knew that the baby’s on the way.

With everything being inevitable the baby was delivered in the car. With all the makeshift equipment he made, he was able to pull it through and the baby’s cry made it all successful.

Photo credit: Mikko Manalastas / Facebook

It was a curse turned into a blessing all of a sudden.

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