John Philip Bughaw aka Balang, a 7-year old boy who has made an appearance on Ellen Show last May is back on stage with his crazy dance moves. Balang has captivated millions of netizens with his viral Bang Bang routine, which earned him international attention and paved a way for him to have his US debut when he was six. The bubbly youngster was again invited by comedian Ellen DeGeneres to guest on her talk-variety show. Accompanied by an interpreter, Balang engaged on a one-on-one interview with DeGeneres.

Asked about how he is doing after his talked-about TV guesting, the boy candidly shared that he has grown accustomed to people asking to take pictures of him. Balang busies himself in holding Zumba classes for the purpose of keeping his students fit and healthy. He was able to purchase himself a bike from his earnings as an instructor, and rides it every now and then.

As per usual, Ellen asked him to show off his wicked moves to the tune of Beyoncé’s Single Ladies. Balang sent the audience to a state of frenzy when he did his signature Queen Bee-like hip shaking. Of course, the Ellen Show will not be complete without a surprise gift from the host. DeGeneres thought it would be apt to give Balang a stationary bike so that the kid no longer has to worry about the weather during bike days.

It does not end there, DJ Twitch challenged the wonder boy on a Watch Me Nae Nae dance-off. Totally up for it, the youngster busted out a move and the crowd responded with defeaning applause.

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