Bruce Jenner makes her debut as Caitlyn Jenner on the cover of Vanity Fair; Jenner was photographed by Anne Leibovitz for the cover of the magazine’s July issue, and the photo is amazing!


Earlier this month Bruce Jenner’s publicist said that Jenner, who is in the process of transitioning, prefers female pronouns and wants to be known as Caitlyn Jenner from now on.

In an interview by veteran sports reporter Buzz Bissinger for the magazine, Caitlyn Jenner emphasized that she did not come out for the attention. For Jenner, coming out to the public as a transwoman isn’t about the publicity, fanfare or the attention. She said that for her coming out means that she no longer has to lie about who she is. She told the interviewer that as soon as next month’s Vanity Fair comes out, she will be free.

jennerNot long after the photo shoot, Jenner announced her official twitter page, tweeting that she couldn’t wait for the world to meet Caitlyn. Transgendered men and women are often misunderstood and shunned by family and friends, but so far, Jenner has received nothing but support from her family.

Stepdaughter Khloe Kardashian posted the Vanity Fair cover photo to Instagram, saying that Jenner was beautiful, and that she was proud of her. Kim Kardashian also tweeted a message of support , stating “be happy, be proud, live your life your way”. By coming out, Jenner has shown that it is important to be true to yourself, and who you are.

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