Remember Carrot Man? The hard working guy whose photos was accidentally taken by tourists. Remember him yet?



Jerrick Sigmayton – famously known as carrot man – will be on billboards anytime soon thanks to Boardwalk.

carrotHe has become an internet sensation after people linked his facial features with different Korean actors. A native of Cordillera, Jerrick never knew that this thing would happen in his life.

carrot 2

Jerrick soon found himself in Manila after photos of him circulated on the internet. Right after, he attended several interviews in Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho and Wowowin.

During the Wowowin segment Jerrick cried after sharing the hardships he has experienced. He shared his story of having to stop school by the age of 12 just so he could help his family, and as we all remember Willie Revillame promised to pay for his studies.

carrot 3

Jerrick received his first endorsement after undergoing a makeover, people are getting excited for him and the billboards that are about to go in public.

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