X-Factor Australia’s crowd-favorite, Cyrus Villanueva made American rock star Chris Isaak the proudest mentor last Monday, November 23 for three outstanding performances. The dapper gentleman did a rehash of his Earned It cover and the outcome was by far a vocal masterpiece. Atop a cylindrical stage, he sang The Weekend’s track with sensuality that was received well by the ecstatic crowd. In other words, it was a flawless execution of an ingenious concept. Impressed, judge Guy Sebastian had nothing but praises for him. “Very fitting that you would sing the lyrics ‘earned it’ and ‘deserved it’ because you definitely earned your position on the finals,” he said.

Next in Villanueva’s line up was his Winner’s song entitled Stone. This shall be his album’s debut single if he wins the 7th season of the Australian franchise. The 19-year old sang the piece with such ease that he is a certified pro in his craft. The catchy composition has a great tune to it that it can potentially climb the charts anytime soon.

After which, he did a jaw-dropping rendition of Labyrinth’s Jealous with piano accompaniment. Later that evening, the aspiring singer sent out a tweet that reads:

Villanueva is currently vying for the X-Factor title together against two fellow contenders, duo Jess & Matt and Louise Adams.

If he wins this season, Villanueva will be one of many Pinoys who have put Filipino talent on the map of international recognition and significance. For many of his supporters, this marks the beginning of his remarkable career.

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