Davao, a peaceful city where Mayor Rodrigo Duterte has been serving for almost all his life. News and articles on the internet have stated about the kindness of the taxi driver in this place, and recently a story has gone viral on the internet because of a taxi driver.

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Courtesy: Akella Shee/Facebook

Akella Shee was in Davao, and she rode a taxi. When she learned that she only has 500PHP bill in her wallet, she asked the driver if they could go to the nearest McDonald’s outlet so she could buy something and change the bill. At that time, the meter of the taxi reads 75PHP.


Finally, they were able to find a McDonalds’s outlet, so Akella went down. The taxi driver knew what possible things might happen like the girl running away, but instead of thinking those thoughts he stayed. Akella recalls that the driver even parked and waited for her despite the long line on the counter. After several minutes, she came out. She tried giving the driver 100PHP for having to wait, but the driver insisted to receive only 75PHP until the end.

The driver mentioned that not everyone needed an extra pay for doing their jobs, and told Akella to eat her meal inside McDonald’s.

Courtesy: Akella Shee/Facebook

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