Several bank records showed millions of pesos transacted to Leila De Lima’s driver and then directed to his family. This was brought up and has been included in the case of De Lima’s driver slash lover back in 2014.

According to reports, as huge as 34 million pesos was deposited to the bank accounts of his daughter, wife, cousin, Marco Palisoc back in 2014. This was when De Lima was still serving as the justice secretary.

Hannah Mae’s bank account received an astounding 24 million pesos in several deposits. 3 million in Feb 7, 9 million in Feb 21, 6 million in March 14, and 6 million in March 28.

Palisoc’s account on the other hand received 14.3 million in cash, and this includes 9.6 million on Sept 16, lastly an amount of 4.7 million on Oct. 23

Adding to the list is 88 million spread all-over De Lima’s cohorts. The Anti-Money Laundering Council submitted their statement, but the information has yet to be released due to the Bank Secrecy Law.


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