It seems that the president is doing a great job as he has taken over the position.

According to the recent survey with 1,200 respondents in the country that was taken from July 2 to 8, with the percentage reaching to as high 91% he had surpassed former President Aquino’s rating who scored 85%.

PHOTO CREDIT: The Telegraph

Majority of trust rating came from class D and the poorest Class D among socioeconomic classes, this has produced 92% rating. On the other hand, he got his highest trust rating, which was 97% from Mindanao compared to other islands.

On the other hand, Vice President Leni Robredo received 62%. Robredo earned her highest rating from the Visayas region and the Class D, 72% and 64%, respectively.

Our officials tend to get higher ratings and even without these ratings so far our newly elected officials are doing there job pretty well. Hopefully, throughout their term they would continue doing this job and make this a better country.

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