Ladies and gentlemen, human race has finally found a promising golfer who is right on track on being the next Tiger Woods. Fil-Aussie Jason Day has made the sport his cup of tea and enthusiasts are taking notice. Day has had his fair share of losses in the past, a number of which he missed winning only by a hair’s breadth. He almost won the US Open Golf Tournament, where he suffered intense vertigo and had to lay down on the ground during the game. February 5 marked the beginning of his winning streak. He won the Farmers Insurance Cup on the said day, followed by another triumph at the RBC Canadian Open, July 23. He also bagged the championship title of the following golf events: PGA, Barclays, and BMW.

Entering the golf season as eighth place, nobody expected that he would rapidly rise to the top. Yet, Day’s mother, Dening supports her son’s dream of being the undisputed golf champion of the world even before the rising golfer made a name for himself. Day admits that he owes much of his knowledge about the sport to none other than Tiger Woods. Their occasional correspondence turned into a burgeoning friendship wherein much of what was discussed revolves around golf per se.

The final scores and statistics of players are scheduled to be released this week and Day’s remarkable performance landed him on top of the list. Despite having reached his ultimate goal of being number one, he still considers himself a mere student of his mentor—Tiger Woods.

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