Every day an 85-year-old man walks their village and other villages nearby just to sell vegetables. He has garnered the social media’s sympathies.

Efepanio Bacus is from San Jose, Maniki, in Kapalong, Davao Del Norte in the Philippines. The Facebook page Trending Pinoy Videos is where netizens first saw the story of Efepanio. He is married to Conchita who is 82 years old, there are times that they are together, selling their vegetables on the other occasions his wife is not around. The old man sells patola, or better known as sponge gourd in the English language.

Photo credit: Tambayan ni BERTO / Facebook

The sad incident that happened one time they were selling their vegetables is that a thief went inside their home and got their radio and cooking pans. The one who posted the story of the old man urges people to buy some vegetable from this man.

We hope that things will get better for Efepanio after his story has been posted online.

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