Sibling rivalry is inevitable among siblings. There may be a lot of reasons why this may happen – parent’s attention, jealousy, etc…

However, despite the rivalry, despite the hate, despite the jealousy, and other reasons, when one of our siblings is placed in a dangerous situation we can’t help but to forget all the rivalries and help our brother or sister in the best way possible.

In a viral video, a sister pranks her brother. We can see that her brother was very worried and more likely concerned with her sister. He was trying to wake her sister up, apparently after his efforts, her sister seemed not to wake up. Then the brother started cussing in disbelief over the apparent suicide.

Together with her friends, the sister planned it out. Eventually, her friends all laughed and just stared at their friend while her brother carried her. That’s when the brother realized that it was a prank played against him.

Kudos to the brother who wanted to save her sister.

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