It’s a common question of morality, especially when placed in a situation where you found something valuable and no one’s looking around. The question would be ‘What Would Jesus Do?’ (WWJD). Recently, two children knew what the answer to that question is.

Richele Aringo and Cael Hepe – kids who sell Sampaguita – recently turned an iPhone in a police station in Lucena City. According to Facebook post made by Favradio, the kids found it in a bus around 10 in the morning.

Sadly, several adults came running for the kids, but not to help them find the owner. They wanted to buy the iPhone from the kids, but the kids knew what to do, so they didn’t sell it.

Police officers rewarded the kids with an amount of money and told them to spend it wisely. The officers are also asking for possible scholarships for the two honest kids.

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