It’s convenient to have food delivered to your doorstep. Even with the service charge you have little to lose, and more; fast food companies and restaurants are guaranteeing their delivery on time. As one famous commercial line boasts, “If it’s late, it’s free.”


You’d think people would use this policy for the greater good, which is ordering when they’re unable to eat out. Apparently there are still some jerks who’ll take advantage of a possible free meal. A guy named Jay Bee purposely delayed his own food delivery from Jollibee so he could eat for free. He posted on Facebook saying, “terror na kung terror.. 20 minutes guaranteed daw… eh late ng 1 minute so it means LATE DELIVERY… hahahahha..nakakain ako ng champ, spaghetti, fries, choco sundae sa halagang 66 pesos lang.. nakasave ako ng 200… saraaapp..”


Naturally, netizens are not happy and he’s hated even more when one friend’s comment reads, “Yung rider ata magshshoulder pag ganyan Doc. Bawas ata sa sahod nya yan.” Jay Bee replied, revealing that his order wasn’t really late. It turns out he purposely did not answer the call from the receptionist when the rider arrived, delaying his own meal from reaching his doorstep on time.


Referred to as “Doc”, he might be a real Doctor. That means he not only could afford the meal, he should also have the decency not to cheat on the rider. After all, he is what Filipinos would refer to as “May Pinag-aralan.” or, as many netizens argue, “meron nga

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