Independence day is every Filipino’s day. There are no classes, no work; we are reminded that June 12 is the day we became our own country, and everyone celebrates, honors and respects that day. Everyone except Lea Salonga, that is.

Just a few hours before this year’s Independence Day, Lea tweeted something that would make her infamous overnight. Her tweet on June 11, 2015 read, “Our country is not yet debt-free, poverty-free, crime-free, or corruption-free. So what are we free from exactly and why do we celebrate it?” 2015-06-13 18-06-53

Naturally, Pinoy pride curdles in and several netizens bashed the coach of The Voice on Twitter. Her tweet has been shared 2,000 plus times with hundreds of comments. Although  some Twitter users agreed with Lea’s contemplation, the greater majority is simply not happy and were very expressive about it.

Some of the best logical comeback on Lea’s tweet is the fact that not even 1st World countries are entirely debt-free, corrupt-free or crime-free, so Philippines should not be singled out by its own citizen. Lea’s tweet remains controversial as people continue the debate online and offline. It seems that Filipinos, despite being from the same country, do not all have the same opinion about freedom.

If there’s one thing to agree on now, it’s that Lea’s tweet was a real Independence day buzz-kill.

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