Love is a strong bond that brings people together. It brings a profoundly wonderful sensation and creates an emotional connection that can stand the test of time. It’s a beautiful mystery how strangers become acquaintances, turn into friends, and then foster romantic ties, a marvelous experience to love and be loved in return. Many seek to find their mates, end up with Mr. Wrong, then completely abandon the quest to find the right one. Love is both pleasure and pain.

Even those who are fortunate enough to keep a steady relationship are not spared from problems. Because there is no such thing as a perfect match, incompatibilities are bound to surface. Therefore, the key to a lasting partnership is compromise.

In this day and age when mobility is no longer just a thing of the wealthy, people from all walks of life are crossing borders. This movement has displaced people, separated those who were once together, and placed oceans between lovers.

A love-struck lady named Desiree Palao shared her heartwarming love story on Facebook. It all began when their eyes met she says.

There’s this guy that I’ve been seeing a lot around the campus. Sometimes he’s alone, but most of the time I see him with the same group of guy friends. Sometimes we meet each other’s eyes, though most of the time I choose to pretend not to see him

she narrates. A series of unexpected events occurred and changed the course of their lives. Soon enough, the lovebirds found themselves head over heels for each other. However, certain sacrifices must be made to achieve greater things in life. Palao’s boyfriend decided to move to United Arab Emirates (UAE) to secure a lucrative job, of course for a better future.

As an anniversary surprise, Desiree is asking netizens to share her post on Facebook until her heartfelt piece reaches her boyfriend. She hopes to garner sufficient online mileage so that Mr. Right gets the message just in time for their celebration.

“There’s this guy that I’ve been seeing a lot around the campus. Sometimes he’s alone, but most of the time I see him…

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