The Philippines is considered a haven for foreign tourists and retirees. Its tropical climate and pristine beaches attract people from all over the world. It comes as no surprise that a Japanese man named Kaoru would be captivated by the country’s exquisite beauty. It was 2006 when he first explored the wonders of Manila. He developed a fondness for the Filipino culture that he frequently flew in when he had the chance. Needless to say, it did not take long for him to be smitten by the beauty of a Filipina. Soon enough, he became romantically involved with a woman who he eventually impregnated. Kaoru decided to leave his comfortable life and headed back to the Philippines to tend to his lover and to fulfill his duty as a father to his son.

Disowned by his Japanese kin, he knew that his decision to settle down with his partner meant that he was at a point of no return. And so like a prince out to save his damsel in distress, he returned to her arms as promised. His ladylove gave birth to a boy they named Reiji. But as quick as his burning attraction for his lady turned into genuine love, her reciprocation withered away as Kaoru’s money ran thin. Then the inevitable happened. She abandoned Kaoru and her son in search of a greener pasture. Perhaps, greener than what she previously had when she still enjoyed and squandered Kaoru’s riches.

Bereft of options, Kaoru resorted to scavenging garbage cans and making brooms for a living. He peddles the brooms anywhere his feet would take him. Kaoru repeats the laborious routine so as to provide for Reiji.

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A certain Kyren Khaiyir Durante shared his struggle on Facebook in the hopes of getting Kaoru any form of assistance especially at an age where he is inching closer to his twilight years. In her bid to help, Durante frequently buys brooms from the old man despite having no use of purchasing in excess of what she actually needs. Trending Pinoy Videos (TPV) featured the story so as to aid in making Mang Kaoru’s plight known to netizens and potentially, by concerned citizens. From time to time, Durante’s family would invite Kaoru and Reiji to come over their house to have breakfast or to grab a quick bite. Durante cared for the old man so much so that she cleaned his feet bruised from days of incessant peddling. She replaced his worn out gloves and hat with her father’s hand-me-downs—a gesture that truly moved Kaoru to a point of unending gratitude. Her compassion went as far as getting in touch with individuals who could make a difference and positively impact Mang Kaoru’s life. Local officials pitched in to provide the troubled father and son a nipa hut. In line with this, Reiji was granted the opportunity to go to school and an unidentified Good Samaritan gave Mang Kaoru a tri bike.

As of this writing, a Filipina married to a certain Mr. Yoshioka, a Japanese man, vows to extend her and her husband’s assistance and exhaust all means of exploring the possibility of Mang Kaoru’s repatriation and Reiji’s naturalization by virtue of jus sanguinis (determination of citizenship by blood, not by location of birth).

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