The people of the country prayed, rallied and petitioned to seek justice for and save Mary Jane Veloso. Her innocence had been obvious to many and now it has been verbalized by the one person who is most accountable for her arrest.

Mary Jane was lined up for a death sentence in Indonesia on April 2015 for her arrest in October 2010. She had been imprisoned for a 2.6 kg heroin found in her baggage at the Yogyakarta airport. It took 4 years for the Philippine government and the help of the United Nations for the plea to reach the supreme court of Indonesia. The result was a last-minute reprieve for Mary Jane Veloso on the day of the execution.

Courtesy: Manila Bulletin

She is now taking part in a hearing against Ma. Cristina Sergio as a valuable witness to an international drug organization. Sergio claimed that Veloso is innocent and that the WADS (West African Drug Syndicate) had exploited her without her knowledge. A certain “John” and “Ike” had given Veloso that bag, which secretly contained the heroin, as a gift before she left for the airport.

Sergio is charged with estafa and human trafficking. Although she stated that she believes Mary Jane is innocent and was exploited due to her ignorance, Sergio denies being a “recruiter” for WADS. This second statement, of course, will be determined by the supreme court. And although Veloso’s innocence has been proven, that of Sergio is still hanging by a thread.


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