Pinoy Big Brother love team turned real life couple Melai Cantiveros and Jason Francisco shocked the world with news of their separation. It was Francisco, through a series of Instagram posts, who spilled the beans last July 27.

He confessed having felt insecure when his comedienne wife was paired with Carlo Aquino in the primetime soap We Will Survive. According to Francisco, he and his wife both agreed to stay away from roles which would require them to be paired off with another talent. He claims that he allowed Melai to take the role provided that the on-screen romance between her and Aquino will only last for a week. However, he was displeased to discover that the love team has been running the show for quite sometime way beyond their one-week agreement. The married couple then plunged into several fights, all of which ended with bitterness from both parties. Francisco also admitted that he and his wife are no longer sharing the same room which had him spiraling down to depression. He ended his post with a confirmation that he and Cantiveros have already called it quits.

Meanwhile, Cantiveros who is also a host of a morning show disclosed how she felt about the marital issues she and her husband are going through. “Yung greatest love ko ay yung destiny ko. Yung destiny ko, yun ang asawa ko,” she said. “Kahit ano mang problema ang dumating, paglalaban yan. Kasi siya ang forever ko,” she said. “Because forever is a choice, and I choose my forever,” she continued. Teary eyed, the comedienne professed her love for her husband and her willingness to make things work. In an Instagram post, she also asked the public to refrain from bashing her husband as she is convinced that he is a good provider to their family.

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