Bullies make our lives harder, life is hard, but with bullies it’s something that turns out to be a curse.

A mother’s video has gone viral on the internet ever since it was uploaded, the main reason was the video contains her daughter whom she was shaving her head. But why? Her daughter is bullying a classmate who has gone bald because of the chemotherapy for her cancer. Now, this mother teaches her daughter a very valuable lesson about bullying and the severity of cancer.

The girl was seen crying in the video, in fact, she can’t do anything as of that moment because this was a consequence of her actions. A lot of disapproval was received by the video the fact that the mother should’ve not posted the video online. Many believed that the shaving of the head is enough.

As of the present time, the country of origin and the identity of the people in the video has not been known.

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