A footbridge in Iloilo City that connects the village of Loboc to Mansaya just collapsed and now people cannot use the bridge to get through back and forth the villages.

For some, it might be understandable that the bridge will collapse due to old age. The bridge was built the year 2009, and a year later was already passable. However, on the sixth year it collapsed. The Mayor thinks that the worth of the bridge is not worth the materials used for it.

Photo credit: Mayor Jed Patrick E. Mabilog / Facebook

The current mayor promised the citizens that a temporary action will be made for the problem. Eventually, he said, the people will see a better and stronger bridge built on the same site.

The budget has not been discussed apparently because there were no budgets allotted for the bridge, so the mayor said a temporary bamboo bridge will be placed.

However, the mayor sees having the bridge reconstructed the year after.

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