Beggars are common in Manila but one poor lady in particular didn’t just beg for alms, she sold her own drawings for only 15 pesos each… and that’s what set her apart from others.

Judy Ann Samorin posted a photo of this old woman on Facebook whom she saw last June 15, 2015. It’s a portrait of the poor old woman crouching by the sidewalk, making her 15-peso drawings with broken oil pastels, along Gil Puyat Avenue.

Judy Ann Samorin/Facebook

Ever since Samorin posted the photo on her Facebook profile people have liked and shared it until it became viral. Netizens are inspired by how the old woman used her talent and passion for the arts as a way to earn money, despite her status in life. The old woman manages to create her drawings with old pastels she picks up from the trash, some paper and cardboard.

Surprisingly, her sense of composition and color is pleasing to the eye, inspiring netizens all the more. It seems that she really does have a deep passion for drawing and it’s amazing how she is able to use that talent to earn money instead of begging for it. That is not only uncommon in beggars nowadays, it’s also nearly impossible to teach, giving this artistic old woman nationwide attention.

Most of the netizens who have seen the photo and heard of the news are considering different types of donations for her. Most intend to donate art materials and others want to offer tutorials and training, an even bigger kind of help for someone with talent and passion as hers. Her determination to do something meaningful represents the fact that not all beggars are completely helpless.

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