We all have heard of the different good traits of the new President of the Philippines.

It was a normal Sunday fellowship in Malacanang, dinner was served, and the President just proved something really special. He demonstrated that Filipinos should obey rules and regulations despite any high ranking position.

A photo of the president was taken during the weekly dinner, what surprised many people was the president’s humility despite his current position in the government. The president was in line at the dinner waiting for his turn to get his food.

He was even seen touching the shoulder of the man in front of him, apparently, the man (Lloyd Ismael del Socorro) have asked the president to go ahead of him. However, the president’s gesture of putting his hand over the shoulder signified that the president doesn’t want any VIP treatments.

Socorro said in an interview that he was the luckiest man after he experienced first hand the president’s humility.

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