Some people are not that smart to start with, but sometimes what separates winners from losers is not intelligence but effort. In the end, it’s the effort that counts.

Take this for example, a UPLB graduate named, Mont Albo, a medical doctor and now owner of Nol Montalbo was just starting out in UPLB when he witnessed the true lesson of life. He considered himself lazy, he was late for his classes, he copied assignments that were supposed to be made in his house. Everyone, typical groupmates were angry at him because they can’t expect anything from him.

But one day, never did he expect that his life will be turning. After one examination, his classmates were comparing their grades from the exam, until the smartest of the batch which he named “Einstein” approached him and told him that he was stupid.

That fueled him to be better, lo and behold, graduated in BS Biology major in Genetics in just 3.5 years. And he went off UP faster than “Einstein”.

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