Have you watched the movie The Notebook? It’s about the undying love of a husband towards her wife. The moment they got old the wife got dementia and kept on forgetting the husband, however the husband still loved her the same, until they died holding each others hand.

In the same way, George and Ora Lee Rodriguez were high school sweethearts, they’ve been married for 58 years. And one can say that their love is truly eternal.

The daughter of the couple, revealed that both her parents suffered dementia. However, despite the onset of dementia, they knew, if not in their minds, but in their hearts that they are still significant and important to each other.

Photo credit: KABB FOX 29 News, San Antonio/Facebook

As the conditions worsened, the family prayed that they’re parents may rest, but they have no clue that this is going to happen. George suffered a stroke while asleep, and he never woke up. Three hours later, Ora followed.

But the greatest thing was, the two held each others hand for one final earthly moment.

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