The “Fight of the Century” will be days from now. Interestingly, this highly celebrated fight is not an issue of whether Pacquiao will emerge as the best fighter of his generation. More to the endorsements, the media clamor, and the excitement of fans from all over the world, what’s meaningful about this fight is that it unites every Filipino.

Pacman’s fight is fight of every Filipino; a battle, not for money, but a battle to prove every Pinoy’s resilience and might. Filipinos are fighters, we fight for our dreams, our aspirations, our family, our love. Manny Pacquiao, may win or lose, but the truth of every Filipino’s optimistic and believing spirit will always remain.

As Pacquiao’s fight draws near, Filipinos in social media unites with #OneForPacman as the official hashtag. With the support of his people, Manny is already a winner with or without the belt and the money.

Join us as we shout “Isang Bayan Para Kay Pacman!”

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