Traveling to Bicol can be a gruesome adventure, especially if you don’t have the means to an airplane, or might have saved less than what you expected.

Buses have been great alternatives for travel, transportation, however, there are many elements that just sucks and people hate about buses, especially during long rides. There are uncomfortable positions, extremely cold air conditioning, limited leg space.

However, one good news for people who travel by bus especially going to Bicol. Isarog, a bus line, presented one of their latest innovations the ‘Sky Bus’. In a photo by a social media user, photos of the insides of the bus were presented. Leather seats, wide isle, extended leg space, it’s something a Bicol traveler can think of something as luxurious.

Photo credit: Magno Conag / When in Manila

And even the first few sit are installed with massage machines, the first few seats cost Php 1,800, and the non-solo seats are priced at Php 1,100. It might be expensive, but not that compared to airplane fairs.

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