People tend to go to auctions looking for good finds. Auction is one of the best places besides thrift shops to find something really valuable to you that might not be valuable to others.

A social media user shared his experienced attending a specific auction. It was a police auction to be precise, one of the things that have been auctioned was a car. It was a used car.

The man later on found out that the windows of the car weren’t working, so instead of bringing it to the mechanic he decided to fix it all by himself. While he was in the process of fixing the door, removing the layers, he found a bag in between the metal door and the interior.

Used Car 2

Used Car 3

Used Car 4

Used Car 5

Used Car 6

He found something to be stacked and with a duct tape, he was surprised to find out that it was money. It was cash, from $10s and $20s. He realized that uploading the picture was not a good decision so he went deleting the post, however it was too late.

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