Dogs are greatly appreciated by store owners and home owners alike, since they have this un-cunning ability to ward of thieves and even catch them.In this particular story, it’s not a dog but a Cat that is put in the spotlight.

Named, “Muning”, this cat is not a thief-catcher. Instead, it is an employee of the Development Bank of the Philippines in Makati City. It even wears an idea since it has become a part of the bank’s security team. The cat’s job? Hunting and catching rats of course!


Muning is a hard-working rat hunter that is also great friends with the bank’s security guards. Muning even joins the staff during lunch and snack breaks. After a while, Muning’s employment was made official and is seen wearing a laminated employee ID. It’s complete with an employee code, printed name and a 2×2 picture. Muning’s photo on the job is making rounds on Facebook and has accumulated around 2,000 shares and almost 3,000 likes. Some netizens commented that Muning should also have a Philhealth in order to get proper health check-up.

It’s amazing how people are capable of loving, relying and treating animals the same way a humans. After all, not everyone can say, “My cat is a security officer at a bank.”

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