This guy could not take it anymore. He is going through a serious issue and has turned to a group on Facebook for advice and ideas on what could be the cause of his misery.

When there’s trouble in the relationship, the signs are evident. This guy is suspicious of his girlfriend because of how much time she’s spending at work. When asked about her busy work schedule they guy’s girlfriend just keeps saying the same reasons, “Overtime”, “Company Outing” and “Meetings”.

The tension rises as the guy starts investigating. She has no proof of working overtime. The guy had to go through her payment slips just to find out there’s no record of her working beyond her regular hours. She even has several absents and they match the days she told him there’s an out-of-town meeting.

Now that the suspicion has driven this guy regarding his girlfriend’s whereabouts, he has taken it upon himself to actually stalk her using his Mitsubishi GSR. Read the rest of his post to see what his biggest concern is which pushed him to seek the help of others online.

For a guaranteed good laugh, please try to put yourself in this guy’s situation and take his inquiry as seriously as you can.

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