A video posted by popular Facebook page Trending Pinoy Videos has gained the praise and admiration of many Filipino Netizens. The 38 second video shows a young student trying to solve a shuffled Rubiks cube while being blindfolded. It was recorded inside a classroom with many students around which might be the student’s classroom.

The girl in the video is Kistianne Myen Dumigsi of Digos, Davao Del Sur. She is a student of Digos City National High School where the video was apparently taken.

Courtesy: Kistianne Myen Dumigsi Facebook Page

In this trending video, you can see Kistianne holding a well shuffled rubiks cube, blindfolded while sitting on a chair. One of his friend took the video and can be heard saying “Go! Tinuod gyud ni siya Bess walay sagul atik!” (Go! This is for real Bess, no trickery!). She started to solve the cube at 0:03 and finished solving it at 0:33 at the applause and amazement of all her classmates.

Pinoy Rubiks Cube ProdigyAstig ni Ate. Na solve nya ang Rubiks cube in 30 seconds while BLINDFOLDED! 😀

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Posted by Trending Pinoy Videos on Monday, August 10, 2015

At the Trending Pinoy Video’s fan page, many Netizens were amazed by this girl’s unique talent.

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Can you solve a well shuffled rubiks cube in 30 seconds much more while blindfolded? Or can you even solve it without any blindfold? Give your comments below.

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