Rappler one of the main news websites of the Philippines just got negative feedback from a lot of its subscribers after a hashtag campaign was made to bring down the likes of the Rappler page.

#UnlikeRapplerChallenge and #UnfollowRappler have been circulating in social media outlets, Facebook and Twitter, respectively. And this has not given Rappler a really good feedback because and by the hour they are losing thousands of likes they have gathered beforehand.

This started when people noticed the bias headings of Rappler in its news. People think that the website is criticizing the current Philippine President, President Duterte.

Screenshot from MOCHA USON BLOG / Facebook

In an article that fueled the controversy, entitled (How Facebook Algorithms Impact Democracy), written by Rappler’s CEO and senior editor, Maria Ressa. She pointed out how Mocha Uson helped the war against the websites. She accused the pages as a hoax and not true, that’s when it all started, people reacted and decided to boycott the Rappler page.

Photo credit: Facebook / Datu Lapu Lapu

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