The ongoing legal battle over the disputed territories within South China Sea has reached its boiling point (or at least nearly). With several countries involved in the territorial pandemonium, many are suspecting that the tensions between the concerned parties may lead to a war of nations. However, the United States is not letting the situation go worse as they are now working on possibly reaching an agreement with China. The Philippines, which asserts its rights over the Spratly Islands, has filed a case in the international tribunal in Hague and wound up victorious with the ruling indicating that China has no legal grounds over claiming the Spratly territory. However, China refuses to acknowledge this decision and insists that the ruling is null and void and shall not affect their exploration initiatives within the area in question.

The Obama administration has made a clear statement as regards to his government’s stance on naval activities. In fact, the White House has communicated that it continues to support the campaign against territorial aggression by continued surveillance of the disputed waters. US Secretary of State John Kerry also emphasized the importance of reaching an agreement with China and added that the US “does not take a position on the side of one claimant or another claimant”. “What we are pushing for is absolute support for rule of law, for the legal process, and for diplomacy to work out the differences that people have,” he added. With superpowers entering the picture, developing countries like the Philippines can only hope for a just decision coming from a legal body that China would concede to. Otherwise, this fiasco will remain unresolved.

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