Jiro Manio was crowded by reporters on June 30, Tuesday at the NAIA 3 airport, in Pasay and it’s not because he returned from a flight elsewhere.

Days prior to being apprehended by reporters, Manio was allegedly seen wandering around NAIA Terminal 3, begging for some food. The 23 year old child actor, whose real name is Jiro Katakura, is best known for his lead performance in the independent film “Magnifico”. The child star unfortunately had a run-in with drug abuse and has been rehabilitated twice ever since.


The security guards at the airport held Manio in custody and will continue so until his relatives are able to pick him up. Officer Roberto Valenzuela said they spotted Manio wandering the airport aimlessly and had to give him food. His clothes were dirty, his nails were long and he had scratch marks on his neck. Manio seemed disoriented and declined interviews at first, but eventually answered questions.

Screengrab from Abs-Cbn Video Interview

When reporters mentioned to him that people are concerned for him he replied, “Aanhin mo ang concern kung nanakawan ka lang naman.” He also expressed that those concerned have no business with him, “Kaano ano ko ba sila? Hindi ko sila katrabaho. Iba trabaho ko. Hindi ako artista.”

When asked about why he was roaming the airport, Manio kept mum on a destination he seemed to have in mind, and just said, “Kaya ko sarili ko.” Although Manio believes his statement, many are more than doubtful and some say if there’s an ideal destination for him now it’s straight to another rehabilitation center.

Ito na ung Interview kay Jiro Manio, Tungkol sa kumakalat na larawan sa social media na “Homeless” na sya at nanghihinge ng pagkain. sayang siya idol ko pa nman sya sa palabas nya dati na “Magnifico”.

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Courtesy: Abs-Cbn, ABS-CBNnews.com

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Posted by Filipino Netizens on Tuesday, June 30, 2015

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