Now that the rainy season is upon us and El Nino is apparently here until next year, it’s inevitable that mosquitoes will be plaguing some homes. Since luck favors the prepared, here are some ways that you can keep mosquitoes from invading your home completely.

Throw Out Standing Water

Mosquitoes lay eggs in standing or stagnant water, so getting rid of that keeps your house from becoming a nesting ground. Unnoticed water in your flower vase, water dispenser filter and pools in your garage are main culprits. After the rain, make sure there’s no stagnant pools of water that could potentially inhabit mosquito eggs


Treat Your Swimming Pool and Fish Ponds

Your fish pond and pool is just as vulnerable as any other body of water, even though it is not really stagnant. Fish that eat mosquito could be a good addition to your pond while chlorine treatment can kill mosquito larvae.

Clean Your Gutters

When rain gutters get clogged it forms dirty puddles that mosquitoes find ideal to lay eggs in. As often as possible, especially during the rainy season, check your gutters and clear out leaves or any blockage that could clog the drainage.

Trim Your Garden

Aside from stagnant waters, mosquitoes rely on dark, shady areas to hide from your swatter. If you have a garden, trim down those wild bushes and prune your trees and hedges. Clear out mulches and leaf litters because other insects, besides mosquitoes, can also breed there. The less shade and dark corners, the better.

Use Mosquito Spray

The best way to prevent mosquitoes from multiplying is to starve them by not letting them get to your plump skin. Apply mosquito repellent lotion, spray anti-mosquito around the house and light citronella candles, whichever works best. Female mosquitoes rely on blood-sucking to survive so if you deprive them of that, there’s nothing to lay eggs to create multiple armies.

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