Revenge was the only thing the wife could think of…

Another wife caught her husband cheating and embarrassed him online. With the help of different social media users, the husband was caught. The accused eventually has been cheating her wife for about a year according to netizens.


The husband went to Middle East (United Arab Emirates) two years ago to work as an OFW (Overseas Filipino Worker) to support their child, the wife mentioned.

Several months later their marriage was put to a test, when the husband decided suddenly to hold the monetary support. And the worst part was finding out that her husband was jobless and was already living in with his new found love, the wife added.

Upon reaching her boiling point, the wife then posted and revealed her husband and his mistress’s identity on Facebook.

If this case will be exposed according to the Sharia Law of UAE, extra marital affairs can be sentenced to detention or even worst, death.


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