It’s all in your head, that’s what people would say if you’ve asked them to look at some scary footage of things happening that don’t have any explanation.

People don’t believe things easily, especially if they’ve just heard it through stories, but what if they saw it. Mikaela Long was never expecting anything creepy, up until she decided to babysit her niece one night. She saw her niece standing on her head, back arched, hands somehow supporting the head of the crib. To some, it may seem like a yoga pose, but to Mikaela it was like something out of a movie scene, a horror movie.

In an interview, the mother told that her daughter has done that lately. Her mother can’t seem to find words as to why her daughter acts that way during bedtime.

Some have interpreted it as something like a possession, however for the mother of the child, it was just a position comfortable for the child.

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