Daniel Cabrera, a 9-year old boy whose photo has gone viral has received praise not only from netizens but from Mandaue City’s police force. The young boy who earned commendation due to a picture of him finishing his homework on a bench outside a fast food outlet, has been recognized by local authorities for his dedication in pursuing his studies despite unfortunate circumstances. The police vowed to support him any way they can after learning that he dreams to be a law enforcer someday.


OIC Superintendent Julian Entoma welcomed him during one of his unit’s flag ceremony and gave him a tour of the facility. Cabrera was elated to see uniformed men and women work inside the station. Entoma offered the little dreamer the privilege to sit on his desk to have a feel of how it is like to be a policeman. He also expressed his admiration and high regard for children like Cabrera, who refuse to dwell on problems brought about by poverty. The officer took Cabrera for an onsite orientation to explain the various functions of departments within the organization. To cap it all off, the latter was also given the opportunity to write on the police blotter.

Representatives from Subangdaku Elementary School, the boy’s alma mater, have also lauded the student for a remarkable display of interest in learning. Although his mother runs a carinderia, the Cabrera household still has to get through several lean days. Impressively, Daniel does not allow their present financial condition hamper his journey in acquiring knowledge.

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